Express Tyre Centre

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Express Tyre & Auto Centre, providing tyre services & Located in the United Kingdom wanted to increase their online presence and rank on the top for a few related keywords.

67% Social Exposure

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From the client

“We have built such a strong relationship with these guys that we consider them a part of our team. We know that we can call them anytime and they will be there to answer and help. Hoping to expand our campaign next month, let’s see if these guys are up to the challenge!”



Get this website on Google’s first page for relevant keywords in the Auto Centre niche. We must target the “Wakefield, UK” area. The website has also had a toxic backlinking history so we must clean it up. Finally, we must enhance the overall image of the website using Social Media, an important part of Internet Marketing these days.


We must analyze the website’s link building history and eliminate the toxic backlinks by sending a Disavow report to Google while leaving out the good backlinks. We must also provide proper social media exposure to gain more social traffic which will enhance the overall authority of the website. We have done this with many similar projects and have had much success, we weren’t worried about this one.


First page rankings achieved for both keywords targeted for the campaign: “Tyres Wakefield” & “Mot Wakefield”. The social exposure and amount of targeted followers and likes to our client’s social profiles have increased as well. Our work has caused an increase of traffic to our client’s website of around 40%, therefore resulting in a nicely sized ROI for our customer! We hope to continue to bring long lasting results for these guys.

40% Targeted Traffic

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